You Tube
1. The Institite of Lifestyle Medicine
   (some nice tools and resources)
2. American College of Lifestyle Medicine
   (The torch bearing organisation) 
3. Diet Doctor
   (List of latest research on low carb      weight loss approach)
4. The Eating Academy
   (marvellous explanations about many    controversial topics)
   (Large amount of information)
6. Institute for responsible Nutrition
   (Dr. Robert Lustig's resourceful site -  Pediatric endocrinologist, who has  declared a war against "sugar"
7. Endingthefoodfight
   (another leading pediatric  endocrinologist from Boston fighting  childhood obesity)
8. Intensive Dietary Management
   (cause and treatment of obesity)
9. Ornish Lifestyle Medicine
  (the doctor who started it all... )
Meditation Audio
1. From UCLA school of Medicine 
2. From UCSD center for Mindfulness