Prevention and  Reversal of diseases like -
Obesity (excess weight/waist), Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes and Heart Disease
Nutritional Medicine: Eat more to lose more


  • Food combination as per your biochemical profile to achieve targetted weight loss.

  • Bypass the fighting with hunger - never feel hungry or crave food

  • No Dieting but Dietstyle. Mild reduction in calory without consiously trying for it

  • Low Carb - Low gylcemic index, low gylcemic load, High Fibers

  • Increasing vegetarian source of proteins

  • Eliminating bad quality fats and Increasing good quality fat. No fat phobia.

  • Micronutrient dense food in every meal

  • Smart snacking and smart fasting



Exercise: Longer Life within  walking Distance


  • Serial prescriptions for progressive fitness

  • Customised approach based on your energy level, preference, daily routine and past experience

  • Setting clear goal, taking baby steps and creating a habit

  • Reduce dependance on and need for Gym

  • Mild to moderate exercise may be least effective for weight loss but is very effective for prevention and cure of many illness

  • Daily/weekly motivation and coaching.




Sleep as Medicine: Most Underestimated tool

  • ​Most underestimated and therefore most ignored aspect of healthy behavior

  • Analysis of quality of sleep

  • Begin with "doable" changes

  • Sleep assistance by non drug methods like yognidra or guided relaxation


Meditation is Medication


  • Learn to Meditate in a medically effective way. 

  • Simplest techniqes for beginners and Hi-tech biofeedback monitoring for advance practioners

  • Everyone has atleast 2 minutes in their busy day to start practice of meditation

  • Living mindfully in an environment full of stressors. Building stress reselience in Mind and Body.

  • Subtle effect experienced in a small way on daily basis can make dramatic change in your health and disease



Intensive Lifestyle Modification Program
involves -
Dietstyle as per metabolic profile, Exercise as therapy, Meditation for stress management, Sleep to restore health