Dr. Samir Anadkat

MBBS, MS (Anatomy), Diabetologist

Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine Expert

Ex Asst. Dean of Medical University of Americas

      "In the final year of my medical studies, I clearly realized two things. 1. Modern medicine is a true blessing in treatment and management of acute illnesses. And 2. Even though we have tons of drugs and hi-tech equipments, we are nowhere near the true cure for most of chronic diseases. 
      Soon after, I was intensely engaged in learning as much as I can about Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Medical hypnosis, Herbal therapy, touch therapy and so on. Inconsistency of results and general lack of scientific rigours exercised in some of such approaches pushed me to continue to search for better answers long after my formal medical education. 

      For more than a decade, I was in academic medicine teaching in an American Medical School in Caribbean. I have received training in mind body medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle medicine from prestigious institues of United States."


Since last 13 years my weight was 78 kg and above. Actually I used to avoid doing weight on weighing scale and whenever I did, it was showing above 78....Sometimes 79.5 sometimes 80...I started my new diet style from afternoon of 9th July 2015. In this practice I have to weigh myself everday. On 11th July morning my weight scale was showing 80.4 kg !!! Ooppps. !!!Well in a week time new diet style had started showing results. 79.5, 79.2, 78.7, 78, 77.8,....figures were changing. ..In a month time 3.5 kg reduced.. wow! And one day my weighing scale was showing 75 kg... I have never seen this number on my weighing scale. Still I continued and today the scale has shown 72 kg....this has happened in approx 100 days. Now I look in shape and fit.This is due to Dr. Samir's new diet style and exercise he has suggested. Thank you Samir..Now my new target is 65 kg. And I know I am going to achieve it.

-- [Kamlesh Gokani : (44) AGM (Sales), Gujarat Life Sciences, Vadodara.]


Would like to share that yesterday I met with a friend after around two months of this diet and she was neither aware about my health condition nor the diet I am following. As soon as I entered, she exclaimed that my face is glowing, skin is clearer and I look detoxed! Surely the diet is working. I lost 5 kgs of weight, 1.5" reduction in waistline without any energy loss, no sugar craving and all medical test results showing improvement.

-- [B. S. : (42) Creative Professional, Mumbai.]


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I had heard miracles do happen, but now I can say proudly that the transformation of my body, mind and soul in last one year is the best example of miracle!!! I could not think of wearing my 10 years old jeans after the birth of my second child. I was "enjoying" the tag "khadhe-pidhe sukhi" person, but not proudly! I did all sorts of things from rigorous exercise to so called "weight loss plans" but with no results until I was inspired by Dr Samir and Dr Dolly's (www.dollyanadkat.com) scientifically innovative "Life style Therapy" miracle!!! Not only I lost my stubborn tummy fat (I can proudly wear now my years old jeans as well as all sorts of clothes comfortably!) But also reduced more than 15% of my body weight which I was not able to shed even after following religiously many others available programs and plans for years!!! I am coming down to 54 kg from above 65 kg body weight in no time! On top of that, it helped me to boost my self confidence and made myself strong enough to keep my mind cool in any condition.
The best thing is, I have learnt the way to live my remaining life with beautiful body, healthy heart, motivated mind and satisfied soul by this miraculous "Life Style Therapy".....!! Thanks a ton Dr Samir and Dr Dolly for this unbelievable healthy and happy transformation of my life!!!

-- [Bhumika Rao : [36] Home Maker, Caribbean]


Having lived away from home for 10 years, I had developed many small and big digestion issues, weekly mouth ulcers, perennial diahorrea, etc.

By very simple changes in the diet, and daily routine, (and no dieting!), for a month, I was able to change many things in my daily routine, lost 6 kg weight, and get my digestive system back on track. I continue to follow the same pattern, and I am extremely satisfied with the treatment.

Dr Samir takes very regular follow ups, and understands the issue thoroughly, before analyzing the root cause of the problem, which makes the treatment work magic.

 -- [Karan Chandwani : (28) Businessman, Rajkot]


When me and my wife has seen Dr.Samir first time after his relocation from Navis to India we were surprised watching "New Avatar" and inquired about the same. Then I gone thru the few simple laboratory test suggested by him thru local laboratory and sent him the Reports.

After going thru the reports we had a one hour long discussion with Dr.Samir and he has well explained my reports as well as Do's and Don'ts as per Dietstyle for Health.So from 22-06-2015 my journey to Dietstyle for Health started with weight of 98 Kg.

And after 4-months (on Dushera i.e. 22-10-2015) my body weight is 83 Kg, so my body weight reduced by around 15-Kg and waist size reduced from 40 to 36-37. It is possible only because of dietstyle suggested by Dr.Samir and my wife Pinki who had supported well in menu preparing for my daily routine . 

And good part was that no restriction on food intact or any other matter except we have a restrict about few food items like Weat, Rice, Milk & Sugar, still all my body report as a normal and feeling rejuvenated because of the same.  

Thanks Dr.Samir for suggesting this new Healthy lifestyle. Now the next target is another 12-15 kg.

 -- [Biren Shah : (48) Ahmedbad]