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Dr. Samir Anadkat. After finishing MBBS & MS in Govt. Medical College of Baroda, he moved to Caribbean and worked in an American Medical College as faculty member for 13 years. He has served as Dean in Medical University of Americas of Nevis and has undergone professional training in lifestyle medicine and mind-body medicine in USA. He is a life long learner of art and craft of medicine and believes in practicing evidence based medicine.



​​​​Lifestyle Medicine


Lifestyle Medicine is the use of lifestyle modification in the treatment and management of disease. 


In the best case scenario it can reverse your disease process. Your drug requirement will go down. In the worst case scenario, it can slow down the progress of your disease and prevent dreaded complications. In any case you will loose nothing except quite a bit of extra weight around your waist.



Is ANADKAT's Intensive Lifestyle Modification Program for you?


  • If you have tried to change your lifestyle with out complete success...

  • If you have tried to eat healthy but always feel deprived and hungry...

  • If you love to eat food and don't want to give up on your favourite food...

  • If you have tried to do some exercise but somehow never been able to do it regularly or enough...

  • If you have tried to do exercise but it does not seem to bring out results...

  • If you want to feel in control of your emotions and your thoughts among the chaos of life...

  • If you want to feel fresh and energetic everyday in the morning upon waking up...


Then YES, then this program can help you


How is this program unique?


  • Lifestyle consultation and coaching by a physician.

  • Close coordination with your treating physician.

  • Reduction of dose of medication based on medicat test reports.

  • Lengthy and peaceful consultation. Extended time availability. Continuous feedback.

  • Deeper understanding of connection between your Mind and Body.

  • Personalized approach to help with your complaints and struggles

  • Step by step systematic and scientific coaching to bring lasting lifestyle changes around building multiple healthful habits.

Prevent progress and Reverse following diseases...

Type 2 Diabetes (reduce your blood sugar and drug dose)


Heart Disease (reduce your cholesterol numbers and open up your arteries)


​High BP (reduce your BP and drug dosage)


​Obesity (loose 10-20% of your weight and shrink your waist line​)



Lifestyle Medicine physician, Dr. Samir Anadkat

Leave a message here or call between 2 - 4 pm for appointment  on 9904408490


If you are committed to bring about goal oriented (weight loss, dose reductions) lifestyle modifications then the Dr. Anadkat's program is best suited for you.


Treatment includes consulting, training, coaching and follow up.


Includes bi-weekly or monthly meetings (in person or on phone) with continous online support.